Scale & Clean

Patients often expect a check-up to go hand in hand with a clean. Although this is very commonly done at Tamar Dental Lounge, the clean itself is a very important part in establishing your current dental health and giving you the tools for great long term dental health and success.

This process is not just a clean, but also a tool to learn about your teeth, gums and how we can assist you to look after them on your own.

We can help establish when the clean should be an essential and individual treatment separate from the check-up. When required, our dental professional, Karen, can assess your gum health with a full gum assessment that gets documented in your records. With friendly counselling on tooth brushing and potential damage caused by cleaning, we assist in smart cleaning techniques. Our returning patients love the long-lasting benefits of the Tamar Dental Lounge Clean.

Why the lounge?

We have a no surprises approach, a clear discussion of the treatment to be completed, and we apply effective and gentle anaesthetics and techniques to ensure a comfortable dental visit.

It’s our professional endeavour to make the visit as pleasant and as painless as possible and strongly promote discussion about what to expect from the treatment required. 

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