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Tamar Dental Lounge offers the latest options available in dentistry, this reflective from our modernised environment and the utilisation of the latest dental equipment and state-of-the art-materials to ensure a pleasant dental experience.

With highly qualified dental staff capable of providing the very best dental services in Launceston, we enjoy working with our patients to achieve the very best smile for each individual.

We are proud to currently possess dentists and staff that are experienced, yet youthful. This energy adds to our friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

We are a dedicated, helpful and friendly dental practice in Launceston. With innovative dental technology, we can ensure the very best standards of dental care are achieved at Tamar Dental Lounge. Our Office space offers a unique feel, where Lovely Tamar Valley Tasmania, meets Africa.

At Tamar Dental Lounge our gold standard of visits is the Check-Up. It is the most important start to healthier teeth, gums and smile, and to get to know you as our patient.
Our scale and clean process is not just a clean, but also a tool to learn about your teeth, gums and how we can assist you to look after them on your own.
Generally known to our patients as ‘fillings’, dental professionals refer to them as ‘restorations’. As the name suggests, we are restoring the damaged tooth structure.
Crowns are the treatment of choice when the tooth structure above the gum is extensively damaged, and fillings or porcelain restorations will not be adequate to restore the tooth.
Sometimes lingering decay or very large or older fillings can reach the vulnerable but vital inside part of the tooth causing damage to what is known as the ‘dental pulp’.
There has been a great deal of progress in the treatment of missing teeth. Titanium Dental Implants are an effective and popular way to replace a missing tooth, or even multiple teeth.
Tamar Dental Lounge is the place to come for a patient consult when you have an enquiry about your ‘smile’. Dr Chris Jacobs can treat and restore the teeth and gums that show most when we speak smile and laugh.
The Dental professionals at Tamar Dental Lounge can treat Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. We have forged a Partnership with Somnomed, the most trusted and successful snoring device in Australia.
Tamar Dental Lounge, Launceston has the expertise to manage any wisdom tooth problems. Dr. Chris Jacobs can deal with your ‘third molar’ enquiry and can carry out the procedure in the dental chair or when necessary or required, complete the treatment under General Anaesthetic at St. Vincent’s hospital.
Dr Chris Jacobs has spent his whole dental career rehabilitating individuals with partial or full dentures and has an ever-expanding list of these cases.
Dr Chris Jacobs and Oral Health Therapist (OHT) Karen Lam both work together, forming a Super Paediatric Dental Team. They utilise their respective areas of expertise to provide quality care for your child.

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