Dental implants

There has been a great deal of progress in the treatment of missing teeth. Titanium Dental Implants are an effective and popular way to replace a missing tooth, or even multiple teeth. Regaining the function to chew and the aesthetics to smile again with confidence can be life changing.

A Titanium Implant replaces the missing root of the tooth, and a glassy-looking crown is very cleverly, permanently fixed to the implant with a tiny screw through the newly engineered tooth Crown. An implant is an extremely good option as once in place, it actually protects and keeps the existing jaw bone and surrounding gum tissue in place.

The placement of an implant to replace a missing tooth may not be as complicated as most patients think. We will help walk you through the process when this becomes a treatment option. When it comes to the important question of cost of treatment, we are always here to help discuss and work out a plan for each individual. It may not be as hard to achieve as you think. We have various plans to make it work and also often payment plans and options that can be customised for your individual needs.

Why the lounge?

Using the latest techniques, Dr Chris Jacobs can maintain and even replace the missing bone and gum tissue in many cases. Even when a person has very few teeth or even no teeth and are wearing dentures, implants can be placed, and teeth created and fixed to the implants to permanently replace all the missing teeth.

Dr Chris Jacobs at Tamar Dental Lounge can confidently treat all cases of missing teeth with Dental Implants. From a single missing tooth implant to a procedure that uses a minimum of four implants per jaw to replace loose floating dentures with fixed teeth.  

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