Aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic injectables

Tamar Dental Lounge is the place to come for a patient consult when you have an enquiry about your ‘smile’. The term ‘Smile Design’ is the term we use in discussion with you.

The Smile Design is a totally individual patient experience, and your specific needs are our priority. It is an exciting challenge with a deeply rewarding outcome.

Dr Chris Jacobs can treat and restore the teeth and gums that show most when we speak smile and laugh.  Almost all modern dental treatment is available in the Smile Design, so even when the aesthetic need is very specific, we can assist you. Whiter teeth and veneers are what most people discuss when they are considering their smile.  

But there is so much more to a great smile than just whiter and brighter. The list includes but is not limited to; the gum architecture; the lips; symmetry; use of Crowns; veneers; implants; condition of fillings and replacement of deteriorating discoloured fillings; use of bleaching agents designed for teeth; even the use of dentures. 

Why the lounge?

Tamar Dental Lounge has the expertise to answer the big Smile Design questions for any individual aesthetic need.

No challenge is too big or small for Dr Chris Jacobs when it comes to Aesthetic Dentistry.

Tamar Dental Lounge, is proud to announce a partnership with VitaFlow Tasmania.

Owner and founder registered nurse, cosmetics injector and accredited vitamin infusion nurse, Bianca Stephens is here to answer your health and wellness enquiries.  She is the professional that can provide you with a key infusion to Relax, Recover and Revive; the health benefits of vitamin infusion therapy are astounding. 

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