At Tamar Dental Lounge our gold standard of visits is the Check-Up. It is the most important start to healthier teeth, gums and smile, and to get to know you as our patient.

This is where we customise your dental experience and initiate the team approach to assess and improve your dental health. 

We have three check-up pathways: 

1. A first-time patient calling for a check-up would be given a comprehensive new patient Tamar Dental Lounge examination and a dental health plan.  In certain cases, patients may prefer a second opinion or a consultation for a specific problem or advice.  We encourage individuals to discuss their needs prior to such a consultation and are welcome to defer the new patient comprehensive examination for another time.  

2. Another pathway could be if your first visit was for a dental emergency and the initial problem has been solved. Our team will arrange a comprehensive check-up to customise your dental plan. This way there are no surprises and we always determine the best plan for the individual’s needs. 

3. Our final pathway is for our existing returning patients that regularly attend the Tamar Dental Lounge routine examination. This is where our very happy patients benefit from the high-quality professional care and ongoing maintenance program that they are accustomed to. 

Why the lounge?

The list of what Tamar Dental Lounge offers you as a patient towards great health is ever-expanding.

All new patients, children and adults are welcome to visit our dental professionals to (experience the team approach for any) question or help related to our extensive services offered.

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