Generally known to our patients as ‘fillings’, dental professionals refer to them as ‘restorations’. As the name suggests, we are restoring the damaged tooth structure.

Teeth are the hardest structures in our bodies; however, they are not indestructible. When a tooth gets affected and infected by bacteria, it initiates a process of decay known as ‘dental caries’. These holes or cavities can be small or larger and vary from painless to sensitive, or spontaneously painful, depending on the extent of the damage.

This is why the check up and dental x-rays are so important as they allow us to detect early damage to the tooth hiding from plain sight before it becomes more extensive and painful.

Why the lounge?

At Tamar Dental Lounge we will walk you through the options. We can directly restore damaged teeth with beautiful, white, glassy-looking composite fillings for smaller holes or cavities. We do not use Amalgam at our practice.

When there are larger areas of damage and decay, or when replacing large failing Amalgam fillings, or restoring cracked and badly worn teeth, we use porcelains that are much stronger and longer lasting for such damage. These porcelain onlays are made with an indirect process. The damaged area is prepared and the onlays are cemented in place. Rather like completing a puzzle. This gives damaged yet vital teeth a new lease of life. It is remarkable how we make them look as beautiful as they were before.
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