Crowns are the treatment of choice when the tooth structure above the gum is extensively damaged, and fillings or porcelain restorations will not be adequate to restore the tooth. It is the ultimate restoration and usually takes two visits to complete.

At Tamar Dental Lounge we mostly use crowns made from glassy porcelain or Zirconia that act as a helmet to protect the more vulnerable dentine and pulp inside. When the crown is bonded to the remaining tooth it forms a very strong seal and can assist in maintaining the vitality of a damaged yet healthy tooth. It is reassuring to know that this procedure is available even when the damage appears to be considerable.

Crowns are also a tried-and-tested way to restore and maintain teeth that have successful Root Canal Treatment. This is a very effective long-term treatment to achieve a beautiful, glassy-looking tooth.

Not only are Crowns used to restore the hard-working molars in the back of the mouth, they can also be used to restore unaesthetic teeth. Crooked and heavy-filled front teeth can be remodelled using Crowns in conjunction with Veneers to help create the perfect smile.

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