There are two main types of dentures to replace missing teeth. The first are full upper and lower dentures for individuals that have no teeth in the upper or lower jaw. The other second type are partial dentures for individuals that are missing some of their teeth.

Even with the availability of dental implants as a rapidly growing and popular option to replace missing teeth, dentures still remain a very cost-effective and convenient alternative to replace missing teeth, especially elderly patients. Dentures can provide the most rapid full dental makeover for an individual, with very satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Dentures can also be used in conjunction with dental implants to maximise their success.

Why the lounge?

Dr Chris Jacobs has spent his whole dental career rehabilitating individuals with partial or full dentures and has an ever-expanding list of these cases.

At Tamar Dental Lounge we endeavour to offer you the most extensive range of treatment options, and dentures are an important option to consider when looking after your individual dental needs.

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