Root canal treatment

Sometimes lingering decay or very large or older fillings can reach the vulnerable but vital inside part of the tooth causing damage to what is known as the ‘dental pulp’. Very often when there are older, large restorations, this can pass by unnoticed and painless.

This is why Tamar Dental Lounge check-ups are so important so we can catch it before it needs urgent treatment. Generally, an infected pulp is painful and will present as an emergency.

At Tamar Dental Lounge we have the expertise to treat this emergency, but also complete the Root Canal Treatment required.

Root Canal is a very effective way to save a tooth with a damaged pulp and is actually a painless procedure once the initial emergency has been taken care of. It can take two or three visits to complete a Root Canal. A tooth that has been Root Canal Treated usually needs to have a crown for long term success as the tooth started out as damaged in the first place. ‘

Why the lounge?

At Tamar Dental Lounge we save many teeth with Root Canal Treatment.

Sometimes it is not possible, and the tooth may need to be removed, but even in such a case there remain further options. We can also restore teeth by using dental Implants! This is the next level of the Tamar Dental expertise and experience offered.
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